the Spit Roast Guru

Qualified Chef

We have:

Spit roasters
Bain maries
Deep fryers
Weber bbqs
Tressle tables
White linen for serving area

David Forrest is a qualified chef with experience in all sectors of the food service industry.

He started the art form of spit roasting meats from a young age from his days at Peters' Meats Butcher shops at St.Ives and on the northshore of Sydney Australia.

Although David never completed his Butchery trade, fellow Butchers showed him the art of this tried and tested traditional method of self basting cookery of meats.

Butchers taught David how to spear a piece of meat and cook it to succulent perfection at customer's parties and other events. This was something that was certainally outside the regular world of the everyday Shopping Centre Butcher.

David then pursued a career in commercial cookery to compliment the culenery skills he had learnt from the butchers and the spitroaster's that had taught him to enhance the overall spit roast cookery experience.

Later ,David was fortunate enough to have exposure working with Chinese chefs as well as Thai chefs in Asian cuisune, although this doesnt really relate to spit roasting, this was extremely helpful in the way they taught David how to be resouseful, efficient and Practical.

David still saw flaws in their methods.
Both restaurants today are sadly no longer in business.

David's experience in a new and upcoming fast food chain which he stumbled apon by accident really saw the adoption of very advanced tecniques from an even larger global fast food restaurant chain we all know.

This exposed him to a whole new world of equipment and technology that made all other restaurants and take away shops look like they were still in the 1800's, these ideas went with David when he moved on. 

These ideas and implimentation of such equipment have been introduced into the model of spitroastguru today and have been proven to seriously out perform other venues, other caterers and food vendors.

Spit Roasting meats has always been a dream for David and finally the Spit Roast Guru catering business and website was born and established later in 2015 with the help of his friends Gary and Susie, web designers and graphic artists. (see bottom of this page for their link). 

The original business model which is still in existance today
caters for work / office functions, parties, anniversaries and weddings on the Central Coast. 

Today, David and his partner Yolanda have refocused and put spitroastguru into overdrive, raising the bar and placing the Spit Roast Guru business model into two catagories.
1)Cater for large events, festivals and faires as well as, 

2)Being able to cater for smaller personal events like weddings , parties etc.

Retaining the two business models and running them simotaniously was Yolanda's idea being highly experiencied in the retail industry.

Spit roast guru are present at large outdoor events and festivals here on the Central Coast, Sydney and the Hunter Valley NSW.

Spit Roast Guru are happy to cater from as few as 10 people to 10,000 people, not a problem.

You've heard the expression " no job too big or small" well the same applies for spitroastguru.

When David worked in restaurants he would always say to the wait staff , " no question is a dumb question" because David always wanted to get it right everytime. 

Full set up and pull down to your home/office/function room. All meats cut and prepared by a quailified butcher and then cooked by a qualified chef in a full chef’s uniform which is sure to impress your guests