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Spit Roast
Up to 3 meats, Beef, Lamb & Pork
Spit Roast & Salads
Up to 3 meats, Beef, Lamb & Pork
20 Salads to choose from
Shishkabobs/ Adana Shish
10 authentic middle eastern shish to choose from
$35.00/10 kabobs
Spit roast beef lamb pork salad
Spit Roast Beef Lamb Pork
shishkabob beef lamb pork
* Minimum 20 people
Platters - Classics
50cm plates
Party Starters
60cm plates
12. Turkish Garlic & Cheese Bread
1. Mini Sausage rolls w tomato sauce

2. Mini Party Pies w tomato sauce

3. Mini Quiches Lorraine/cheese & Spinach

4. Vegetable Spring rolls w sweet chilli sauce

5. Mini Dim Sims w sweet chilli sauce

6. Mini Samosas w mint yoghurt

7. Chicken Meat Balls w sweet chilli or BBQ sauce

8. Char Grilled Meat Balls w BBQ & tomato sauce

9. Chicken and Mushroom or corn Val au Vents

10. Mini burgers w Swiss cheese, relish and a pickled gherkin

11. Frankfurter Platter w Tomato Sauce
turkish spit roast guru
13. Bruschetta Bread

14. Chips Platter w tomato sauce

15. Wedges w sweet chilli & sour cream

16. Seasonal Fruit Salad Platter w strawberry yoghurt
Platters - Gourmet
60cm Plates
Platters - Legends
50cm Plates

34. Thai fish cakes w sweet chilli sauce
Salt and Pepper squid w blood orange mayonnaise..

35. Fish cocktails w tartare sauce
Panko (Japanese) crumbed prawn cutlets w tartare sauce

36. Satay Chicken skewers w peanut satay sauce

37. Chilli lime & coriander prawns w sweet chilli sauce…
Mezze platter Spit Roast Guru
17.  Mezze Platter
Water crackers, Cabanossi, Twiggy Sticks, Cubes of Tasty Cheese, Gherkins, Pickled Onions, Black Olives, Semi Sun Dried Tomatoes & Corn Relish Dip

18. Pinwheel Sandwiches 
Tuna & avocado, chicken teriyaki served with a dipping sauce of wasabi soy, sweet soy and regular soy sauce

19. Futo Maki (Japanese jumbo rice seaweed roll)
A combination of Tuna & Avocado, Beef & Cucumber, Chicken Teriyaki and salmon & caviar made into small rolls w soy dipping sauce
20. Tuna Mousseline water cracker w cherry tomato and chive 
A tuna mousseline piped onto a thin slice of cucumber which rests on biscuit base which is then topped with a salted cherry tomato half and decorated with a thin slice of chive
chicken wings Spit Roast Guru
38. Chicken wings in BBQ marinade

39. Cocktail Dagwood Dogs w tomato sauce
Tandoori chicken Spit Roast Guru

40. Chicken Garlic Aioli drumsticks
prawns Spit Roast Guru
turkish Spit Roast Guru
41. Malibu Prawn skewers in cooked desiccated coconut.

21. Turkish Salad Sandwiches Platter. Ham Cheese & tomato, grilled chicken & avocado and Tomato mushroom omelette w Oyster Sauce

22. Seafood Platter
Salt & pepper squid (8), Battered Fish (2), Tempura Prawns (6), Battered Scallops (4), Cooked prawns (3) freshly shucked oysters (2), and a lobster Mornay served on a bed of fried noodles and hot chips

Children's Platters
32cm x 17cm rectangles plates, sanwiches, triangles or open.

sandwiches Spit Roast Guru
Austrian Sausages Spit Roast Guru
42. Fairy Bread Platter

43. Chocolate Sprinkles Platter

44. Nutella Platter

44. Lollie Platte

​23. Austrian Sausage Platter
Four varieties of chipolata sausages, Beef, Chicken & Chives, Moroccan Lamb and Beef & Bacon on a bed of sour croute with BBQ sauce
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shishkabob Spit Roast Guru
Shishkabobs/ Adana Shish
10 authentic middle eastern shish to choose from
$33.00/10 kabobs

24. Beef Boccocini Cheese w/ Balsamic Vinigarette honey drizzle

25. Garlic Prawns

26. Mango Chutney Yoghurt Lamb

27. Persian Lamb

28. Persian Chicken

29. Honey Soy Lamb Capsicum and Bacon

30. Char grilled Sword Fish

31. Lamb Kofta

32. Lebanese Vegetarian

33. Tropical Prawn w/ Seasonal Fruit